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Monday, November 27, 2006

have a business you are promoting online.
By: Tony william

It is said that in the internet marketing world, content is king. While there is no doubt that strong copy and valuable information is what will ultimately determine whether your site will be a profit machine or a money pit.

But, in order to get that buyer ready to part ways with their hard earned cash they must find your site.

SEO or Search engine optimization is a long and a very broad subject to tackle. This has so many aspect in terms on how well your site rank in the search engine. Different questions arise regrading the subject but still including me cannot pin point directly that magic on being at the top permanently. But my suggestion below will at least help your search engine position especially if you have a business you are promoting online.
1. Try to create you site user friendly first and or at least can be validated by w3.org. These makes your site to be competitive in terms with your competitor.
2. Try to be descriptive on your description, these will help visitor at a glance go to your site and search engine to pick up those words or keywords from your description.
3. Article submission that can be closely related to your site is useful and make it published to the article sites.
4. Directory submission is a big plus.
5. Forum signature also creates free visitors as well as free backlinks.
The important is one way back links which means NO exchanging or Reciprocal links are valuable any more. There are some sites that are offering one way link or in other words you don’t need to place their links in to you site. I list some of them and I hope it is useful.



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How to pickup brain of today’s most successful marketers?
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The SEO Advantage

By: MithRanDir

If you understand SEO, you have an edge. It pays to nurture this understandingwhether you are coding your web pages yourself, working with in-house developers, or outsourcing your web design and implementation.

True, some web sites do just fine without consciously considering SEO. But by consciously developing a plan that incorporates SEO into your web sites and web pages, your web properties will outrank others that do not.

Just as success begets success in the brick and mortar world, online traffic begets traffic. (What you plan to do with the traffic, and how you plan to monetize it, are other issues.)

One way to look at this is that sites that use core SEO have an incremental higher ranking in search results. These sites don't make gauche mistakes that cost them "points" in search engine ranking. They use tried-and-true SEO techniques to gain "points" for each web page.

Page by page, these increments give you an edge.
This edge is your SEO advantage.

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Monday, November 13, 2006

By Sebastian Foss

Have you found yourself wading through a sea of ebooks,
audios, and videos, only to be right back at square 1 again?

Most of us have been there at some point in our marketing careers.

And you know what? The one thing that's always bothered me is when
I see a piece of sales copy for a product and it says...

"Step by step strategies"..."No theories or generalities here"...
Then after reading the material I am right back at square 1 with no
plan to follow...

with no direction except some generic idea about the way the process works.
Hmm. Does that sound like step by step?

And does this sound familiar to you at all?

Well, you know what? Theories are fine for professors and academics but
when it comes to learning how to make money online...

I don't want or need hypothesis.

I want someone to tell me to start at point A, then move to point B,
then advertise at point C, and so on and so on until I have money coming
out my pores.

That's why I am so ecstatic about something my friend Nick Marks is doing.
He's unleashing his new system unto the world.

And he's doing it in a way that you will have step by every little step
handholding so that you know exactly what to do and exactly when to do it.

There's no guessing...

There's no trying to fit together pieces to a puzzle. It's almost as if he
stopped by your house and did it for you.

If you're tired of trying to translate those theoretical Internet marketing
products into some kind of workable system....

And you're ready to take your life to a level you never even imagined possible.
Then meomee, you need to check out http://tinyurl.com/yfs3u3
immediately, before Nick fills all the open spots.

With the way people are already raking it in I wouldn't be surprised to see
this offer off the table in just days.

Go there now while you still can!

Here's To Your Incredible Success,
Sebastian Foss

PS - If you've ever wished for something as simple as A+B=Profits...
then this is it. Go now and take a look while the page is still live.
~~> http://tinyurl.com/yfs3u3


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